Executive Producer and star Emmy Rossum dons the blond wig and hot pink for new limited series, Angelyne. Angelyne’s larger-than-life persona covered billboards around the city of angels and catapulted her to cult status in the ’80s. Rossum gathered hundreds of hours of footage and images of Angelyne to study her mannerisms and voice to tell the story. As a lover of etymology, she bore her depiction of one of Los Angeles’ most mysterious icons from the name. “I had a way of breaking down her name for myself that I never actually told anybody that’s like a secret prayer I would tell myself before we rolled. When I broke down her name I got, ‘At a fork in the road, I’m reborn a messenger of God,’” she said. “I truly believe that the character of Angelyne represents something that people needed in Los Angeles which was a a bright pink light.